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Here at Comm1 Systems, we have top-notch staff that help keep this company growing strong. Each one of our staff goes through extensive training to meet and exceed OSHA, ANSI and FCC's requirements through C1S's internal "ANSI Training & Safety Awareness" protocol (with quarterly refresh courses). The majority of our staff also have technical backgrounds, so they understand how to properly install RF equipment the first time without repeat site visits or installation errors (as seen by many other companies in the industry). By having these qualities in addition to our high standards in training, we guarantee that your system will truly be installed and maintained by some of the best in the industry.

Here we recognize our staff and what areas of expertise they specialize in at Comm1 Systems:

  • D. Ryan Seregow
    - Founder/Owner
    - RF/TMW/DAS Installer
    - Systems Engineer
  • Josh Esaloo
    - IT Systems Installer
    - Construction Project Manager

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