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Eupen Cable is known throughout the wireless industry as a leader in quality and customer service. The people of Eupen are committed to providing creative solutions and pinpoint accuracy. Eupen is called on by the best in wireless to solve their toughest problems in their most challenging markets. Eupen's low loss cable, connectors and jumper assemblies are in a class of their own.

Why Eupen (vs Andrew/Commscope or RFS) might you ask? Well, it's very simple!

1) Eupen's heliax cable does not kink when bending into tight radius loops
2) Their diaelectric foam is closed-cell (vs open-cell) to limit moisture from any false-set connector installs
3) Eupen's connectors can be used on both Eupen cable, Andrew cable, and some RFS cable
4) The price-point is almost half the cost of Andrew & RFS cabling!
5) They don't skimp on quality; all of their cabling is made in Belgum with top-notch materials
6) Eupen products don't change often. When they do, all of their parts are still compatible with each other
7) It only takes the technician just 2 minutes to install a connector, whereas it takes over 15 minutes for all other heliax brands, even with the proper tools! -- Free demo upon request!

I guess you can still use Andrew/Commscope or RFS, but we believe that you'll fall in love with Eupen the first time you use their products and will never change back!

For more information about the products they offer, check out the Eupen product catalogs below or visit their website at: www.eupen.us

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