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We have done an extensive search across the internet and with many businesses, finding resources and materials to help you with your next wireless project. Everything from how to design and build a wireless system effectively, to tower facility management, to system mapping & data printouts are available to you today!

Below is a breakdown list of what's included in our consulting plan:

Photo Archiving of Facility:
Photo archiving is extremely important when planning a new communication facility or redesigning your existing layout. Without photo archiving, it is sometimes difficult to design layouts, especially if we need to send plans to another company for CAD design. It's also helpful to recall existing equipment in use and where it's located without having to visit the communication facility constantly, which can be burdensome if the facility is miles away from your central office.
System Inquiry & Options:
Tell us what you need and we'll help design a system that will meet your needs for both now and in the future. Many of our design plans allow for expansion for the future should you require it.
Radio Service Research:
Not sure what frequency or radio service you need? Let us do the homework for you and make your day less stressful!
Antenna Location Analysis:
Antenna location is key in every communications system. If the antenna is in a poor location or is not aligned properly, the system may fail and important signal data may be lost. Our tools and expertise will guarantee the coverage you need will be there and outperform other company system designs.
Tower Facility Pricing Comparisons:
We know first-hand of all the tower facilities available for rental since, afterall, we are also in the tower business. Knowing each location and the areas they serve will help determine the best signal coverage for your new or upgraded system.
Propagation Mapping Printouts:
Signal mapping is also key to a successful system. Our mapping tools and knowledge of the area help make quick and easy decisions to finding the right location and antenna coverage pattern that best suits your system needs.
System Planning & Data Printouts:
Charts, outlines, and schematics are important to have. Our engineers can provide those for you after the project is complete. This way you have records of the installation and system layout for any future work or references.
Equipment Pricing Quotes:
All of our equipment quotes are competitive and we guarantee our rates for up to thirty (30) days from quote date. By doing this, we can lock in your rates during the 30-day period and refresh them after the 30-day period if any pricing has changed.
Installation Pricing Quotes:
Since we also own and operate Comm1 Towers, any installation costs and quotes will come direct from them for any and all communication facility installations. This way you won't have to get multiple quotes or bids for the project and everything is under one PO or project number.

Future Management Options:
We offer quarterly maintenance checks and management opportunities for your system. See our Scheduled Maintenance Service page for more information.

All of our consulting plans and services are guaranteed 110% with extensive knowledge and expertise on tower facilities. For more information about these services and more, please contact us today!

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