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Scheduled Maintenance Service

The staff at Comm1 Systems take your radio facility emergencies very seriously. We especially know how inconvenient and important it becomes when your system fails to function properly or stops operating completely. This is why we now offer the Scheduled Maintenance Service package!

Our staff associates will provide scheduled maintenance periods 4-6 times per year and check/service the following:

  • Repeater System:
We will open the program file associated with your repeater system to make sure that all settings are correct and that your operating frequencies match the FCC records for your license. If any repeater is not operating on the specifications provided under your FCC license, a penality fine could be issued by the FCC in excess of up to $10,000 or more. We don't want you to incur these penalty fines, so we check these specs periodically to guarantee that you are within your license operations.
  • Rack Wiring:
Any wiring that looks old or has been damaged by rodents or other nature-occuring incidents will be addressed and replacement actions will be recommended.
  • Backup Power System:
Whether on a battery or generator backup system, we will insure that these components are operating properly and follow the strict specifications provided by the manufacturer so that you won't have any delayed or disrupted downtime.
  • Transmission Line Inspection:
Not all coax and heliax cables are built to last for a lifetime. We will visually inspect the entire run for any damage caused by rodents or other nature-occuring incidents to insure that the line meets our strict standards for full operation. We will also check all connectors and weather sealant to guarantee proper connections to equipment and be free from weather-related damage.
  • System Grounding Buss System:
All equipment should be connected to a grounding system of some form. This is to protect the equipment from any lightning strikes, power surges, and black-outs/brown-outs. Without this protection, your system could be damaged significantly and may cause a fire hazard which could threaten the facility and surrounding areas. -- If the existing system does not have a grounding system in place, we will recommend a system for you and include a free quote for the installation service.
  • Antenna Inspection:
Although all antennas include a manfacturer's guarantee that they will be free from any weather-related defects and incidents, this is always not true. We've seen our share of weather-related damages to antennas and do not want to see this happen to your system. Our inspections include visual and hardware testing and will provide a solution if we find that your antenna(s) do not meet our standards.
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  • Portable & Mobile Radio Units:
All portable and mobile units will be tested and inspected to make sure they meet our strict standards. Their program files will also be checked to make sure they are operating under the specifications of your FCC license.
  • Overall Safety Inspection:
Once the above areas are checked, we also provide a basic overall safety inspection of the facility to make sure there are no safety, fire, or OSHA hazards present and that your operations are not interrupted.

If, during our complete inspections, any problems should arise, we will makes notes and take photos of the issues. We will then submit them to you in an inspection report (both soft copy and color hard copy) detailing each problem and our recommended solution with priority level. This will also allow you to address the issue(s) on your own schedule as needed.

By ordering this service through us, we can guarantee that your system is in full, uninterrupted operation and can arrange to replace any parts immediately without worry. If you need to send your equipment in for repairs, we can offer a rental package for you to use so you won't experience any uninterrupted service.

All this is available to you today. Contact us for more information and to receive a free quote! Free consultation of system is included when you order.

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